Selenium Testing In Marathahalli Bangalore

Let’s Know More About Selenium Testing

Selenium Training In Marathahalli Bangalore: Selenium is one of the most popular automation testing tools, which is been increasingly used by organizations all across the globe. according to Indeed. These positions typically attract lucrative annual salaries.

This Selenium Training In Marathahalli Bangalore is ideal for test managers, test engineers, test leads, test analysts, quality assurance engineers, software developers, and engineers who want to learn automation testing with Selenium.

What Is Selenium Testing Framework?

In a nutshell, Selenium is a set of testing tools used for automating web app testing. Selenium is open source and was originally released in 2004, There have been many Selenium releases since then. Selenium is a great test automation framework with excellent community support.

Here Are The Three Selenium Main Sections:

  • Selenium WebDriver – A driver that helps you access different browsers.
  • Selenium IDE – An IDE for functional tests
  • Selenium Grid – A Grid that enables parallel testing

Selenium Testing In Marathahalli is used for end to end cloud testing it helped many retailers to increase test coverage by 95%, Achieved 90% unattended parallel test automation, and reduced regression hours from 160 to 12

Basics Of Selenium Testing

Start to Download Selenium here you can find the Selenium Documentation

Selenium WebDriver aims to overcome the limitations of the previous Selenium Remote Control, offering better support for dynamic web pages where the elements on a page are subject to changing without the page itself being reloaded. Because a variety of browsers support it, Selenium WebDriver uses each browser’s native support for automation. Thus, the features supported and the way direct calls are made depends on the browser that you’re using.

Additionally, the way that you’ll set up a Selenium WebDriver Project depends on both your programming language and your development environment. It’s possible to set up projects using several programming languages:

  • Java: These projects are most easily setup using Maven, which will download Java bindings and all dependencies and create the project for you.
  • C#: C# bindings are distributed as part of a set of signed dlls and dependency dlls. you’ll need to add a reference to each unzipped dll to your project in whatever IDE you’re using.
  • Python: Run pip installs selenium from a command line to add Selenium to a Python environment.
  • Ruby: Run gem install selenium-web driver from a command line to add Selenium to your Ruby environment.

Once you’ve set up your project, Selenium WebDriver functions just like a normal library. It’s self-contained and typically doesn’t require you to start additional processes or run any installers before using it.

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