Excel Training In Bangalore

How To Become A Expert In Microsoft Excel Skills

Microsoft Excel is widely used for calculation, automation, dashboards, analytical reports, and formulated templates, Excel has amazing tools like graphing charts, pivot tables, and a programming language called Excel (VBA) Visual Basic. You can learn Advanced Excel Training In Marathahalli Bangalore at Ria Academy.

Thanks to Microsoft for developing such a wonderful productive application. The crucial fields sectors like education, researchers. institutions, businesses, and administrations make rigorous use of MS Excel. If you accomplish expertise by taking up Excel Training In Bangalore Marathahalli.

Excel Training In Bangalore

Did you know! many of our students who started from basic excel training, to the advanced level in Ria Academy Software Training Institute In Marathahalli Bangalore. Presently they are making a handsome package of money achieving jobs in MNC, IT, and BPO Companies in India

If you are new to excel then you have to begin with Microsoft Excel Basics followed by the intermediate, and then Advanced Excel Training. Ria Academy Software Training Institute In Bangalore providing the best Microsoft Excel Training Modules course that is well planed.

With these useful lessons plan up to kickstart and proceed to achieve your goals and build a sound career in the reputed MNC, IT field.

Here are the 10 simple ways to Master Microsoft Excel Skills

Our Excel Training Modules allows the hands-on experience in real-time project-based upskilling our students at Ria Academy. do read Basic Excel Tricks And Functions

Key learning features:

  • Generate formulas to calculate SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE, MIN, and MAX
  • Helps summarize a large amount of data using PivotTables & PivotCharts
  • Provides beginners with advanced skills
  • Enables conditional formatting to highlight data to fulfill your criteria
  • Design bar charts, pie charts, graphs, and reports
  • Understand functions like SUMIF, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, and INDEX 
  • Use VBA to automate repetitive tasks
  • Record macros and create professional-looking spreadsheets

Ria Academy Training Institute is providing Excel Training In Bangalore from Beginner to Advanced levels:

  • An Introduction to Excel
  • Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level Excel
  • Master Microsoft Excel Macros and VBA. 

Here are a few advanced levels of functions used in Excel

  • Maintaining a huge collection of data in a list table
  • Unlocking formulas with IF, VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, etc. 
  • Automate tasks through Macros and VBA
  • Use Pivot Tables to create a dynamic report 

If you are a student or a professionals working and cant attend the classes! Hurry… Ria Academy is also providing Online Excel Training by Industry Experts. Do keep in touch with us to Learn the next blog on Excel Tips and Tricks.