Google Photos Storage

Google Photos Give End To Free Unlimited Storage

Google Photos to soon remove free unlimited storage option for high-quality photos and videos. The new Google Photos policy will come into effect on June 1, 2021. So, Google Photos will only offer 15GB of free could storage for photos and videos.

Once you have exceeded the 15GB free cloud storage you have to pay for more storage, which might be bad news for those who have been uploading unlimited high-quality photos to Google Photos for free.

Did you know! these 15GB cloud storage pace also includes data of Gmail, Google Drive, and all other Google Services. Google announced the new policy back in November 2020 and you now just have 3 months to decide whether you want to accept the policy of Google or switch to any other cloud storage. here we have listed few other alternatives that offer free could storage space.

Other Alternatives To Google Photos Providing Free Cloud Storage

  • DigiBoxx

    • DigiBoxx is India’s own cloud storage platform, providing 20GB free could storage with end-to-end encryption too. DigiBoxx is giving 100GB of storage space per month for just Rs 30 Click Here for the plans

  • Degoo

    • Degoo, is another alternatives to storage service offering 100GB of free could storage with ads free. Same like DigiBoxx, Degoo too claims that all the files are end-to-end encrypted so no need to worry about security. You can also manage files through their Web App

  • Microsoft OneDrive

    • It’s hard to ignore the services offered by Amazon Photos. It is currently available in selected countries. however, few reports suggest that Amazon Photos will launch in India in the coming months.